This Is Why All the Fuss

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne
Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, preaching at St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne, 13 August 2014

In my last post I reflected on the then-upcoming inauguration of Archbishop Philip Freier as Primate of Australia—all the excitement surrounding preparations, and particularly over Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s involvement. And I asked, Why fuss so much about mere men? Why draw attention to mere servants of Christ, attention that rightly and properly belongs solely to Christ himself?

I suggested that men like these, precisely because they are prominent Christians, do indeed deserve attention—the attention of our prayers. My words:

Pray that their witness will be faithful always to the gospel of Christ. Pray that they will proclaim Christ, crucified and risen, without fear or favour. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill and empower them to be godly and faithful servants of Christ and his church, walking always in the way of wisdom, justice and truth.

Whilst in Melbourne, Archbishop Welby was interviewed by the ABC. The interview is well worth watching. Follow the link below:


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